Create a wallet & purchase BNB

Purchase Smart Chain BNB

Download Trust Wallet and create a wallet.

Tap the buy button underneath the wallet amount.

Tap on 'Smart Chain' and enter the amount you wish to purchase.

Hit the 'Next' button and you will be taken to an external seller.

Go through the process and enter your payment details to purchase Smart Chain.

Connect your wallet with PancakeSwap

Connect Wallet with PancakeSwap

Once you've got Smart Chain in your wallet, you need to exchange it for BlossomCoin.

NOTE: iPhone users must enter trust://browser_enable into Safari first.

Go to the DApps or Browser tab at the bottom and navigate to the homepage and click the 'Buy Now' button.

Make sure you're on Smart Chain by clicking the etherium icon in the top right and changing it to 'Smart Chain'.

Connect your wallet by pressing the 'Unlock Wallet' button.

Swap BNB for BLOSM

Swap Smart Chain BNB for BlossomCoin

Now that you've connected your wallet, enter the amount of Smart Chain you wish to spend in the 'From' box.

Click on the filters icon and set your 'Slippage tolerance' to 12% (sometimes it may need a bit more depending on demand.)

Hit the 'Approve' and then 'Swap' button to confirm your transaction.

Now sit back, HODL, and let the trees plant themselves 😎🌳